Discerning What Matters

with Johann Berlin

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“The pandemic is leading executives into less predictable situations, which they cannot address and solve through traditional business approaches, such as business modeling or setting customer acquisition and retention targets, alone,” Berlin said. “Restorative practices enable people to relax the body and regulate the emotions, increasing self-awareness and the capacity to connect.” Berlin is seeing more CEOs and executives not only seek meditation but openly speak about their experiences.”


“We put a lot of valor in aggression in our culture,” said Johann Berlin, who coaches business leaders on taking a kinder approach in the workplace. “Yet research has shown that people have a stronger propensity for kindness.”



Discerning What Matters

[ Future of Humans at Work Series ]

Discerning what matters is the foundation upon which our choices are built — not just as leaders, but as people navigating across all the dimensions of our lives — at home, at work, in our relationships, as citizens, and as community members. Yet, so often, we’re often so busy in the pursuit of our desires that we lose sight of what is truly most important. When we are clear about what matters, our energy and attention can become focused and powerful, and we can respond rather than react.

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