Discerning What Matters

Reflections with Johann Berlin

About Discerning What Matters

Discerning what matters is the foundation upon which our choices are built – not just as leaders, but as people navigating across all the dimensions of our lives – at home, at work, in our relationships, as citizens, and as community members. Yet, so often, we’re often so busy in the pursuit of our desires that we lose sight of what is truly important.

There is an ancient Vedic concept known as viveka, which means discernment—the ability to separate that which is important from that which isn’t. Viveka is required in order for us to consciously choose that which uplifts our lives, communities, and organizations. With viveka, we can respond rather than react to the changes in our environment. Our energy, attention, and actions can become focused and clear, moving us towards the future we choose to create.

About Johann Berlin

As an executive, writer, speaker and meditation instructor, Johann has grown mission-driven ventures and advises leaders across social and corporate sectors. Accelerating people’s energy and clarity to perform, thrive, and transform, Johann is an emerging voice around human-centered leadership. His TedEx talk “The Power of Kindness” gained organic reach of 100,000+ views. He has been a writer and contributor for journals like Harvard Business Review, Business Insider, Forbes, Washington Post, Spirituality and Health, and Psychology Today. Johann was an invited speaker at TED, Stanford, Dartmouth, World Bank, Amazon, and Microsoft, among others. He is most proud of his volunteer and advisory roles on ventures for resilient schools, local economy, prison rehabilitation and international youth leadership. Johann holds a B.A. in Business from Maharishi International University with a focus on sustainability, and is a certified International Art of Living Trainer.

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