Andrea Euenheim – CHRO and Board Member, Metro AG

Our guest today is Andrea Euenheim CHRO and board member of Metro AG and previously head of global M&A for Amazon. And I really appreciated Andrea’s ability to see the big picture, but also really think about more local personalized customizations. So I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

Brad Goldoor – Chief People Officer, Phenom People

Brad Goldoor is a serial entrepreneur, Chief People Officer and people are really great. I think one of the really great disruptive companies in the talent management space and in terms of digital platform recruitment and talent solutions and they’re building a very unique culture. I think even I would dare to say a very human centered culture.

Sarah Smart – Global Recruitment Leader for Hilton, U.S. by Fortune as #1 Great Place to Work

It’s my great pleasure to welcome Sarah Smart VP of global recruitment for Hilton, which was recently nominated as the top place to work by Fortune Magazine. And she brings extensive experience around global recruitment, executive search and really has a deep understanding of sourcing and attracting talent at scale and helping them advance in their careers.

Alex Bates – Managing Partner, Neocortex Ventures

Alex as a serial entrepreneur and has a background in AI, augmented reality in the intersection there. And recently sold, sold a company and now as an investor in the space. And so I’m really excited to learn more about Alex and also dig into where and how he’s thinking about the future of humans at work.

Lalit Singh – COO, Udacity

Really excited to have Lalit Singh joining today. Lalit is a serial entrepreneur executive in the Silicon Valley. And he’s currently the CEO of Udacity. Doing really fascinating work around the future of learning and education, nano degrees, closing the skills gap.

Brandon Carson – Global Learning Executive, Delta Airlines

Brandon is an award winning learning and development executive with extensive experience working within digital transformations and rescaling of frontline employees. He currently heads a growth global frontline learning for Delta Airlines and was previously with Home Depot. And he’s the best- selling author of the book, learning in an age of intimacy five factors for how we connect, communicate and get work done.

Stewart Friedman – Wharton Professor & Founder Wharton Work/Life Integration Project

Stew Friedman is a professor at Wharton. He’s an author of leading the life you want and total leadership. And I think in addition to being a professor, I think the thing I really appreciate about you Stew is you just seem like such a great mentor. And really is generous with your time and giving back and really cultivating the next generation of leaders and more human centered leaders.

Claus T Jensen – Chief Technology Officer, CVS Health and Aetna

I’m pleased to introduce Claus Jensen CTO of CVAs health and Aetna, as a senior executive with more than 20 years’ experience driving product, cloud sleeves large scale transformations by combining his people, business and technology skills. I’m sure you’ll agree he offers a unique insight into what humans need and can offer in the future of work in healthcare.